Tuesday, December 4, 2007

its over!

so i finally got a visa and i told that polish moron to rack off. he keep saying how beautiful i am and how he treasures every moment we had togetehr and im like mate, i was 16, i had just finished school and i was drunk every time i saw you! i was just an idiot trying to have fun. i would make him come swimming and surfing or play volleyball or do something ridiculous and immature because i was just enjoying freedom and now he thinks im some spontaneous crazy girl. what a fucken moron! argh. so over people like this.

but i am now going to hervey bay but i'm not too sure which accomodation to pick. my mate actually went to hervey recently too and she's got her own blog, agitpopcentral and said her accomodation got screwed up, so she ended up at some resort called Peppers or something. Anyways, she loved it so she wants to start a business there and be a travel agent so now we are going to be staying at Shelley Bay Resort . Should be fun!


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