Tuesday, December 4, 2007

go away

so people keep asking me if my brother is a good guy and how i keep in contact with my mates as i dont believe in technology. i am having issues with my visa but i dont want to see that guy and this is what that idiot wrote to me.

"its to bad coz of ur visa...so u think that we will never see us again?...anyway im staying in autralia till july 2007....so maybe...but its sounds like u cant see me again. im not sure if u brother was kidding...he would wirite at least one time that he is kidding...dosent matter. so i have done the same like u just party and enyoj the time in surfers. so did u have ur 8 months without ....??? PS: sorry about my fucking english bye"

we've met twice! what a freak! so what, one hook up, i dont know what he's babbling on about, yet again. as if i'm going to meet him.


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