Tuesday, December 4, 2007


so i met this guy and he keeps asking me about my lack of emails so i finally got an email address, everyone in australia is getting angry at me for not keeping in contact so i thought that i would do it. haha. ay my brother is a good guy but he finds it hilarious that he is getting text messages from a guy and is seriously just being a dick, but he's really cool. i love my bro, he rocks. he shows me the messages but not until days later, coz he lives in a different house to me. i seriously dont know if i am going back to australia now with my stupid visa fucking things over for me. i am talking to my boss in aus about it to sort it out, but shit its so difficult! but if i do go back, the plan is i arrive in australia on the 14th of jan in brisbane, i stay for one night in my friends house and then on the 15th i fly to hervey bay, which is where i will be working. i dont think i will have time to meet that bloody polish dick, as i have been partying so hard its not funny, i keep hanging out with all my mates having the best time of my life. all right i goz to go, tata


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