Wednesday, December 5, 2007


i just got a letter from my best friend in australia and im SO SAD! i miss her so much.....she is the one that got with keiran and my sister came back last friday, we picked her up from the airport and went to the club straight away......i keep staying out 2 late....there is this guy that i kind of like, but i only just met him last week. he's adorable but doesn't talk this polish guy, i said to him "babe, we had fun but right now im just looking at having a good time, coz my life is so unstable. im always in different places and countries, with different people. let's definentely be mates but that's all we will ever be and u know that right?"

he told me yes, but then kept asking when he can see me next. ohmigawd, write me a letter, i told you that so many times, you speak great english! the guy that i like is called frank. he's polynesian/american and is great. and he's not polish. i dont like polish people anymore. he has everything i want in a man. think ill be falling in love!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

its over!

so i finally got a visa and i told that polish moron to rack off. he keep saying how beautiful i am and how he treasures every moment we had togetehr and im like mate, i was 16, i had just finished school and i was drunk every time i saw you! i was just an idiot trying to have fun. i would make him come swimming and surfing or play volleyball or do something ridiculous and immature because i was just enjoying freedom and now he thinks im some spontaneous crazy girl. what a fucken moron! argh. so over people like this.

but i am now going to hervey bay but i'm not too sure which accomodation to pick. my mate actually went to hervey recently too and she's got her own blog, agitpopcentral and said her accomodation got screwed up, so she ended up at some resort called Peppers or something. Anyways, she loved it so she wants to start a business there and be a travel agent so now we are going to be staying at Shelley Bay Resort . Should be fun!

go away

so people keep asking me if my brother is a good guy and how i keep in contact with my mates as i dont believe in technology. i am having issues with my visa but i dont want to see that guy and this is what that idiot wrote to me.

"its to bad coz of ur u think that we will never see us again?...anyway im staying in autralia till july maybe...but its sounds like u cant see me again. im not sure if u brother was kidding...he would wirite at least one time that he is kidding...dosent matter. so i have done the same like u just party and enyoj the time in surfers. so did u have ur 8 months without ....??? PS: sorry about my fucking english bye"

we've met twice! what a freak! so what, one hook up, i dont know what he's babbling on about, yet again. as if i'm going to meet him.


so i met this guy and he keeps asking me about my lack of emails so i finally got an email address, everyone in australia is getting angry at me for not keeping in contact so i thought that i would do it. haha. ay my brother is a good guy but he finds it hilarious that he is getting text messages from a guy and is seriously just being a dick, but he's really cool. i love my bro, he rocks. he shows me the messages but not until days later, coz he lives in a different house to me. i seriously dont know if i am going back to australia now with my stupid visa fucking things over for me. i am talking to my boss in aus about it to sort it out, but shit its so difficult! but if i do go back, the plan is i arrive in australia on the 14th of jan in brisbane, i stay for one night in my friends house and then on the 15th i fly to hervey bay, which is where i will be working. i dont think i will have time to meet that bloody polish dick, as i have been partying so hard its not funny, i keep hanging out with all my mates having the best time of my life. all right i goz to go, tata